K.S.C. (satellite) services

K.S.C. develops, manufactures, sells and installs a complete range of communication systems (satellite)

A simple reception system to the most complex up-and down-link installations. You can find the entire gamut with us.

e.g.: Walkie-talkie, mobile phone, satellite phone, satellite modem, Portable 2-way internet, SNG, etc, etc

All our systems are, where necessary, worldwide deployable

We can also assist in obtaining the proper permits, which are necessary for sending via terrestrial or satellite providers

If you have a short time of (satellite) communications to use the system you can rent with us.

We ensure for all formalities, building and dismantling, (if necessary), etc. so you communication session can expire without problems.

You can use the temporary communications for eg: videoconferencing or instruction, or in sports matters.

It is possible the signal to a limited number of viewers to send (encoded) or to anyone who wants to see (free to air.) The signals can be sent as a broadcast signal or via streaming on the internet.

Equipment is deployable, land, sea and air, portable, fixed or mobile

and available for almost any satellite